IT Professional

Clinton NEsbitt

Curriculum Vitae

Graduated from Monash University in 2015


Exceled in "mobile development" and "web systems"

About me

IT Professional

you can count on

Bachelor degree in Information Technology

12 Years of IT experience in the indusrty

Worked for both large companies and small businesses and have always provided a high level of professionalism

My name is Clinton Nesbitt and I am a experienced IT professional will skills in a variaty of areas, from mobile apps, to web system development, multimedia, IT infrustructure managment... etc the list goes on.


All you need to know is that I am a fighter and will not accept failure, as my belief is that no mater how imposible an obstical maybe there is always a solution on how to overcome it. It's just a matter of will and determination that is need to get the best posible outcome for the business.


Please click the link below to view in detail what other skills IT have aquired in my career and thank you for visitng my CV.

Quote: It always seems imposible until it is done - Nelson Mandela

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