IT Professional

Clinton NEsbitt

Curriculum Vitae


2015                       Bachelor degree in Information Technology
                                Majored in: Applications and Networking
                                Monash University

2009                       Information Technology Cert IV
(Programming, VMware, Active Directory, Customer Support)

  • Communication with customers at a high level of support has demonstrated to me how important it is to ensure to our customers that any issues or concerns they may have and are being addressed in a high level.
  • Communicating with staff at all levels regarding events that are occurring around the organisation.
  • Building a strong relationship with your external direct suppliers is crucial to ensure that there is a high level of service and communication between the two parties.


  • Ability to adapt to different working environments having been exposed to a wide range of businesses, each with its own unique culture and client base.



  • Planning is crucial to ensuring that all likely possible s scenarios have been addressed an appropriate actions to take to ensure no interruption to services and that there is always a sense of order and clear management of addressing any issues that may occur.

  • Scheduling works hand in hand with planning to ensure all work taken out is done is specific window and during off peak periods where any possible interruption to a service is minimised to a handful of customers.

  • Coordinating Resources is important in regards to allocating resources to perform a specific action but at the same time not compromising the existing services and support being provided to our customers.

  • Meeting Deadlines is in my opinion a goal that must be meet and if it is not possible why not. All deadlines regardless of its size can be achievable if the right resources are strategically allocated and managed in such a way to meet such time frames.

  • Time Management is essential to a business operation as time equals money and the more time spent in wasting time is only an unnecessary cost that the business doesn’t need or can afford.

  • Staff Management is a key part of running a business ensuring that staff both feel needed as well as ensuring that the tasks set before them are achievable. It is also essential that staff are managed in a manner that an issues that may arise are managed to minimise conflict and that all parties are communicating on the same level at all times.



  • An experienced team leader with the ability to initiate/manage cross-functional teams and multi-disciplinary projects

  • Critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills

  • Planning and organizing

  • Excellence personal communication skills

  • Project management skills: Influencing, leading, negotiating and delegating abilities

  • Conflict resolution

  • Adaptability

  • Tolerant to stressed situations

  • Effective decision making

  • Effective Problem Solving



  • Proven ability to manage timelines and priorities workloads in order to meet project deadlines, meetings in a timely fashion and any other miscellaneous workplace commitments.

  • Experienced time management through the role at ACSAG as at project manager for implementing a smooth change over to a new VoIP phone system.


  • Developed high-level programming skills by designing and implementing small to large scale business solutions for customers and investors.


  • Languages: XML, AJAX, JSON, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, PHP, HTML/CSS, SQL, MySQL, VB, Object-C (Apple applications)

  • OS Systems: Windows (XP, NT, Vista, 7, 8, 10), Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2012), Macintosh and Unix/Linux

  • Online Systems: QuickBooks online (Accounting), Deputy (Time Sheet), WHMC (Billing System), WHM/cPanel (Webhosting Software), Joomla (CMS), Wordpress (CMS), GitHub, Stripe (Payment gateway), Insightly (CRM)

  • Software: Adobe Creative Cloud (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Adobe Reader Pro, Premiere Pro, Photoshop [limited] and Indesign [limited]), Microsoft Office 2016, xCode (iphone development), Android Studio (android development), jCreator (Java development), Sublime (developer notepad), Eclipse (Java development)

  • Enterprise Systems: Active Directory, Ubiquiti Controller, VMware, Shadow Protect, corporate antivirus (Avast business, AVG Business), Linux “Sendmail” (E-Mail server), OnApp (cloud management software), Wingate (HTTP Proxy),

  • Hardware: Laptops, PC’s, Generic Switch’s, Gateways, PBX systems, Server, UPS's, Ubiquiti/Unifi, CCTV systems, Phone junction box


Demonstrated Skills in the work place

Communication skills


Organizational skills

Project management skills

Time Management

Initiative and Creativity

Technical skills